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Hunger for Life (formerly titled the Suicide Gene) covers the bizarre and harrowing story of my 23 years of slavery to a cult-like therapist. It shows the desperate lengths to which I was ready to go to in order to recover. For me it was recover or die and my therapist offered me the only choice available to me at the time.

The one question I keep getting asked is ‘Why did you stay, why didn’t you just open the front door and run?’ My answer to that is that my therapist had complete control over my mind to the point where I was convinced I would die without him. Starting gently and kindly he helped me at the lowest point in my life. Very gradually, he gained greater and greater control over me and eventually transitioned to verbal attacks, psychological bullying and sleep deprivation.

Food Addiction

In addition to the issue of therapy abuse, my book covers the progression of and recovery from my eating disorder—or ‘food addiction’ as I later discovered was the true label for my illness.  If you suffer from binge eating whether you are anorexic, bulimic or have binge-eating disorder, the good news is that there is a solution. By choosing to change the way we eat and avoiding addictive foods, we can recover. There are several programs of recovery that follow the addiction model for binge eating and we can learn to deal with our feelings in healthy ways rather than attempting to blot them out through food (see www.kaysheppard.com). Through my book and the links on this website I hope to add another light along the path of recovery.