Born and raised in Kent, in the south east of England Candace was the third of four children. She grew up in a loving home and has fond memories of childhood adventures with her siblings and friends.

For reasons explained in the book, her teens were blighted by mental illness and her twenties, thirties and early forties were spent under the absolute control of a cult-like therapist. Working throughout her captive years, however, Candace qualified and taught as an early years’ teacher and worked as a graphic designer, copywriter and later a marketing professional.

Now healthy, happy and free from her therapist, she lives with her husband and twin daughters by the sea and combines motherhood, her work as a marketing head in London and whatever time she has spare helping other food addicts.

Candace wrote Hunger for Life on her commute on the HS1 train to and from work.





This is me in 2007 while under the control of my abusive therapist. I wasn’t supposed to smile or make eye contact with people.