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I’ve been reading the tweets of some bulimia sufferers in their teens/early twenties. The self-abuse, hatred of their bodies and severely toxic thoughts is heart rending. I used to have the same thoughts but never shared them, the internet was just a baby then. It makes me feel so grateful today that I was able to find a solution and am now living a full and free life. Bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder takes over your brain and traps you there in a devastating cycle of bingeing, dieting, purging and total self-destruction.

My hope is that the medical community will accept, wholesale, the fact that bulimia and binge-eating disorder needs to be treated as an addiction. Trying to get sufferers to either eat intuitively or to moderate is like expecting a heroin addict to shoot up once in a while for recreational purposes.

At the moment, ED professionals focus almost exclusively on anorexia and their main criteria for successful treatment is weight gain. Bulimics who look normal or overweight, as well as binge eaters who don’t purge are often not considered ill enough to be treated because of this. Many anorexics will become bulimic in time but the weight gain which results will prevent them from getting the care they need.

We need more treatment centres in the United Kingdom and wider Europe that provide a way for sufferers to detox from addictive eating through a healthy food plan and programme of recovery. This can help bulimics, anorexics and those with binge eating disorder.


Candace Heather
June 1, 2016


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